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Aesthetic Medicine



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Injector, Tahlia.



Tahlia Jackson is an experienced aesthetic injector and nurse. She has spent the last 11 years in a variety of emergency, acute and paramedical roles. You can be confident that as patient your safety, well-being and confidentiality will always come first.


After beginning a career in aesthetics under a leading plastic surgeon in 2013, Tahlia decided to relocate and commence study and a career as a paramedic in Brisbane. 


Tahlia has since completed a 12 month intensive mentorship with a leading Melbourne aesthetic clinician. She attained proficiency within an accredited aesthetic medicine course and immerses herself continuously in progressive education opportunities within the aesthetic industry. 


Tahlia works with a team of aesthetic doctors that assist with remote clinical assessment, scripting and emergency intervention. The Tox Fox is a proud AMET member for added client safety-this aesthetic medical emergency team provides 24/7 intervention and support in the rare event of an unexpected clinical outcome.


Tahlia has a keen eye for facial anatomy and enjoys building individualised treatment plans to suit a wide range of aesthetic expectations. The Tox Fox is a successful small business at 2 locations: Sunbury & Gisborne. We celebrate your uniqueness and diversity and cannot wait to see you in the clinic!

For further information and services head to:
Contact: Tahlia 0431 247 800
Email: [email protected]
Please note The Tox Fox is a separate business to Vineyard Medical Centre and all enquiries need to be directed to The Tox Fox directly.
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