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Our Nurses

Our Nurses at Vineyard Medical Centre are passionate in providing exceptional service to our Community. 

We hope that we can offer the highest quality of patient care possible, in a compassionate & caring environment by upholding the core values and beliefs that Vineyard Medical Centre support.

We are dedicated to all the needs of the patients who walk into our clinic with the hope of providing excellent care and assist in collaborating with Health Professionals to achieve the same.


The Role of our nurses is very diverse so that we are able to provide our Community

With the necessary care they seek by complementing the services provided by the general practice team.


Clinical tasks offered at Vineyard Medical Centre by our nurses include:


·         ECG

·         Wound Management

·         Blood Pressure check

·         24 Hour Blood pressure Monitor

·         Spirometry

·         Desensitisation Injection

·         Childhood Immunisations

·         Adult Immunisations

·         Travel Immunisations

·         Speciality injections eg: Nucala, Zoladex, Auto injectors, Prolia &Depot Injection

·         Iron Infusion

·         Aclasta Infusion

·         Venesection

·         Cervical Screening

·         Women’s Health check

·         45-49 Health Assessments

·         Over 75 Health Assessments

·         Assist with Plaster application and removal

·         Chronic Disease Management

·         Phone & Walk in Triage

·         Post-Operative follow up eg. Wound care and suture/staple removal

·         Assist with GP/Specialists for Minor Procedures

·         Smoking cessation

Nurse Cathy - Nurse Unit Manager

I am fortunate to lead an enthusiastic Nursing Team in a Dynamic working Environment.

My role as a general Practice nurse is very diverse and autonomous.  It is a job I love and have progressed to after Military life in the RAAF.

I commenced my Nursing carer in 2002 as a mature age student working in Acute, Surgical, Medical, Orthopaedics, Plastics as well as Renal Dialysis areas. I bring enthusiasm and a wealth of experience to General Practice Nursing of 15+ years.

My passion is in Chronic Disease Management and prevention, Childhood Immunisations and I have a personal Interest in wound Management.  My love for nursing reflects in the interaction and support I extend to our patients providing them with the exceptional care they deserve.  I am also an accredited Nurse Immuniser.


Nurse Erin

I have been lucky enough to call myself a Nurse for over 16 years now, and have enjoyed many unique relationships with the patients I look after, as well as the amazing colleagues I have had the pleasure working with over time.

I have also been very lucky combining two very different, but important roles of Emergency Nursing and Practice Nursing for some time.  I like the variety and the skills I can learn and bring to each role.  In particular, working at Vineyard Medical Centre has allowed me to immunise patients of all ages, treat wounds, give infusions and educate for better health outcomes, all the things I'm passionate about.

I am an accredited Nurse Immuniser, smoking cessation facilitator and asthma educator.


Nurse Lauren​

Hello, my name is Lauren


I am lucky to have found my home in general practice nursing and am fortunate to be able to work as part of the VMC nursing team. I have been nursing for 17 years in both acute and community settings.


Practice nursing has enabled me to join all of my passions together. My background is in Medical and Palliative Care Nursing which I love. I enjoy developing rapport with my patients and having a good laugh together!


One of my roles at VMC is being the Comprehensive Veterans Care (CVC) Program nurse. This program is aimed at our providing additional support to our veterans who hold a GOLD card and have chronic medical needs.  


I am also an accredited Cervical Screening Nurse and Sexual Health Provider. Outside of VMC, I enjoy working with local primary schools providing Sexual Health and Adolescent programs to Grade 5 & 6’s.


Nurse Ashleigh
Ashleigh graduated from Australian Catholic University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Nursing and commenced Practice Nursing in 2016. She is currently studying her Bachelor of Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies. Ashleigh has special interests in women's health, lifestyle and nutrition advice, wellness, chronic disease management, and wound management. Ashleigh is also an Accredited Nurse Immuniser.


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