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Have you met our 'handy' hand therapist Anthony?  Anthony explains here how he can help you

Dr Latika Cilly

Dr Latika Cilly is our Obstetrician & Gynaecologist who is very popular within our community.  In this video, she discusses her specialty and how she can help you

Andrew Hall & Christine Jones

Andrew Hall & Christine Jones explain here how a Physiotherapist can assist you

Mr Alvin Cham 

Mr Alvin Cham is one of our General Surgeons at VMC, who also specialises in breast, endocrinology & hernia repairs.  Here he explains what he does.

Ms Kelly Strange

Meet Kelly Strange.  Kelly is our  Psychologist and in this video she explains how she can help you with any mental health concerns, anxiety, trauma, PTSD etc

Mr Hai Bui

Mr Hai Bui is a General Surgeon who specialises in upper gastro intestinal tract surgery. In Upper GI surgery he specialises in weight loss & gastric cancer surgery. Here Mr Bui explains how he can help you.

Dr Jacinta O'Neill

Dr Jacinta O'Neill discusses the importance of exercise and how a  little each day, can help, especially during COVID lockdowns

Dr Zenia Chow

Meet our ENT surgeon Dr Zenia Chow. Dr Chow provides comprehensive paediatric care right through to adult hood she can address a range of ENT issues from rhinoplasty, sinus, facial reconstructive surgery to skin cancers of the head & neck.

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