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New Patient?

If you are a new patient to our clinic, we require you to complete a patient registration form.  This can be completed prior to your appointment by downloading the form below.

Clinic News:


Walk ins are welcome,  for conditions requiring treatment on the day. Walk ins only seen prior to 5.30pm

Vineyard Medical Centre is a private billing clinic, providing quality patient centered care.  Our Doctors pride themselves in spending time with their patients listening to their needs and providing assistance and advice.


We continue to Bulk Bill patients 65 years and older with a current Pension Card and children 15 years and younger.

After hours care is provided by National Home Doctor Service.  Please ring

9216 5600 to be connected directly to the Locum Service. Alternatively call directly on 13 74 25

Our Services:


for adults and children

Clinical Exercise Sessions

Physiotherapy Clinical Exercise sessions, centre around floor work, seated or standing postures using the body’s own resistance or small equipment to improve body awareness, breathing, strength and flexibility. Clinical exercises are prescribed based upon injury/condition and rehabilitation needs. The exercises engage central strength or core stability, ultimately enhancing posture, movement control and flow, with potential to reduce pain and dysfunction.


Various sessions are offered; Mat based, Chair based, ‘Barre’ & ‘Therapeutic Movement & Stretch’. Sessions may integrate Pilates or Yoga inspired movements.


Sessions are available for beginners and intermediate levels and structured as Individual, semi-private or small group based exercise programs.

Physiotherapy Clinical Exercise may qualify for a Health Fund rebate.

Patient Newsletter

Our newletter can now be found via  patient portal.  Simply click on the "Patient Portal" link

Vineyard Dental Clinic

In need of dental work, or perhaps a check up?  To schedule an appointment please call 9740 2048

Medical Assistance when the clinic is closed

We are lucky enough to have the friendly team from Pharmasave at our clinic.

This will make our patients experience even better with prescriptions now available to pick up during your visit.

Best Health App

From the week commencing 15th July 2019, we will be rolling out the Best Health App.  Best Practice is our computer software that allows us to store and update your medical details, appointments and accounts.  At VMC we were lucky enough to be selected as a trial site.

The app will allow you to view upcoming appointments, receive appointment reminders, check-in for your appointment, create appointments, receive clinical reminders, result follow-ups and other messages, health fact sheets and receive your health summary.

If you currently use the appointuit app, this will replace it.

This is a great step forward for our centre and for the community, making your accessibility easier.

We hope you enjoy using it!

Download the app from

Closed all public holidays

Vineyard Medical Centre

What makes Vineyard Medical Centre a stand out from the rest & why is quality care so important to us?  Dr Horvat explains here

Cervical Screening

Here at VMC we have 2 practice nurses who are qualified and fully trained in providing Cervical Screening to our patients and we bulk bill you for this.  

Cervical screening saves lives!  Book now to see Lauren or Kerry.


New Patient Policy

Please note drugs of dependence will  not be prescribed to new patients, except in the case of a medical emergency and deemed necessary.

A consultation fee will still apply if making this request and you are denied.

Coronavirus - COVID-19

Effective immediately we will be making all appointments a telehealth appointment, unless an examination is required.

Patients will be given an allocated appointment time, just the same as if you were attending the clinic, however your GP will call you on your preferred contact number to discuss your requirements over the phone.

Anyone requesting a face to face consultation will be triaged by a nurse to determine if this is medically required.

All Allied health and specialists appointment are under review and you will be updated once a decision is reached.

We apologise for the inconvenience & hope you can understand the need for this during this time

Telehealth Appointment

If you are already scheduled to see one of our Doctors, a member of our clinical team will call to organise a Telehealth appointment 


On 13.03.2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Medicare via the federal government introduced bulk billed telehealth item numbers for practices to be used for patients who fall into the following categories:

  • people isolating themselves at home on the advice of a medical practitioner, in accordance with home isolation guidance issued by the AHPPC, and people who meet the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection after consultation with either the national COVID-19 hotline, state COVID-19 hotlines, registered medical or nursing practitioner or COVID-19 trained health clinic triage staff

  • people aged over 70

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged over 50

  • people with chronic health conditions or who are immunocompromised

  • parents with new babies and people who are pregnant.


People in isolation or quarantine for COVID-19 can see any eligible health provider through new telehealth items.  Patients in vulnerable groups can additionally see a health provider via telehealth for a non-COVID-19 matter if they have seen that provider face-to-face at least once in the previous 12 months.


For patients who do not fall into the above categories telehealth visits are not claimable from Medicare and the fee for a standard consultation will be $40. This fee will also apply to those who we would normally bulk bill if you do not meet the Telehealth bulk billing guidelines.  This can only be scheduled for appointments that do not require a face-to-face visit. For simple consultations such as a prescription renewal or referral, a fee of $25 will apply with no Medicare rebate claimable.

March Awareness - Zaidees Rainbow Day

Zaidee Rose Alexander Turner - aged 7 years and 22 days died suddenly on 2nd December 2004 from a burst blood vessel in her brain called a Cerebral Aneurysm. Zaidee's parents, Kim and Allan, founded Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation not long after.

At the time of Zaidee's death the Turner family had been registered Organ and Tissue Donors for 5 years. As a result, Zaidee donated her Organs and Tissues at the Royal Children's Hospital, as were her wishes at the time. From this gift, the lives of up to seven other people were improved or saved.
Zaidee was the only child in Victoria under the age of 16 years and we have been told one of the youngest Australians to donate her organs and tissues in 2004. She was only 1 of 6 children nationally to donate their organs.


Staff will be wearing rainbow colours on March 24th and donating to the cause.  Collection tins will be available on the day if you wish to donate, with 100% proceeds going to the foundation.

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